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What do I need to know about dampening exhaust resonances?

On my new 98 E300D I had to get some exhaust work done. Specifically, the entire section of pipe from the cat to the muffler was replaced. However, one thing I noticed is that there is a resonance at 900 rpm that was not there before. (The exhaust guy did not know the word "resonance," but he understood when I used the word "vibration." haha)

They are happy to do whatever they need to do to make it right, but claim that I probably need new engine mounts. Personally, I doubt that this is the case, but I will know for certain when my indie looks at the car next week.

Working on the assumption that the mounts are fine, how does one go about eliminating/dampening exhaust resonances and vibrations? The exhaust shop said they could install a flex pipe but that I shouldn't need it since that's not how the car was designed.

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