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Cibie 7" Headlights -what a difference

Glad to hear you made the switch to headlight conversions. I also made the leap some time back via Hella units on my W116 300SD and have been very pleased.

My foglights are Hella 550's mounted in same locations as stock. Did have to modify my bumper as the Hella's were slightly larger than MB units.

A site you may want to visit is Rally Lights, Hella, TerraTrip, Hans, WRC, ZAMP - They offer upgraded wiring packages to minimize voltage drop from battery to lights. Seems halogen lights are very sensitive to reduced voltage and benefit from higher voltage. My 1980 Benz registered 11.3V at the headlights before the wiring upgrade. The increase in light output just from putting voltages where they should be was very noticeable.
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