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I finally replaced mine @ 117,000 miles. Got tired of cleaning the mess on the garage floor and driveway. Always forget to place that darn drip pan in the right place. Anyway, I bravely took the cylinder head off, had it machined at the local machine shop ($50) and replaced all accessible seals and gaskets with new ones. Recommend you buy (if DIY) the Cylinder Head Gasket Set - it's everything you need in one package. Warning! Just make absolutely sure to match the OLD and the NEW gaskets. I learned the hard way. The Cyl Hd Gasket I got was for an older model engine (stocking error!) and found out after I had to tear the engine down again. The new gasket looked perfectly the same except for the piston bore holes which were smaller by 8th of an inch - which kept the pistons from reaching their max travel. Anyway, it's also a good time to replace your belt at this time (if you have not done so). Good luck.
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