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Generally, yes. However, I suggest getting a matched set. I am assuming you're talking about the OM617.9XX engine injector. There are actually 8 flavors of injectors. There is the longer top part type, the longer bottom part type, there's the longer spring and shorter spring inside type for both of the above. Then, you have those stamped 115 BAR and 135 BAR. There are some minute variations in the springs, that is, comparing apples with apples. Depending on spring length determine the internals. You cannot mix and match. There is a total of 8 parts to the mechancial diesel MB injector (made by Bosch) for the sharp shooters out there. You can generally only replace half of those parts. You can swap the nozzle, which is actually 2 pieces, the nozzle and pintle since they wear out after 100 to 150K miles. You can change the shim to adjust the PSI. You can swap out the spring. They fatigue and depending on their lenght, you can make small changes to the PSI. Shims are stepped by .05 unless you have a large collection of used shims which have "worn" down a hair. Not sure how that happens, but it does. If you want to fine tune the PSI and pop pressure, you can swap the spring if you are striving for +/- 10 to 15 PSI vs. FSM 50. IMO, anything under 25 PSI is overkill for a balanced set. Best I got was 10 PSI and that took about 4 or so hours. Somewhat unpleasant.

Now, I have seen a lot of injector sets with 115 and 135 BAR mixed and matched. I have seen sets where there has been actually a number of different types of bodies. I have seen them with non-MB injectors. For peace of mind, try to get a matched set. Just my .02 cents.

I have actually seen 1 instance on a car where I can verify that no one ever messed with those injectors. So, that occured at the factory and I am guessing it was just a boo boo.
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