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Question Door lock problems


Over the past week its been a cold 20 degrees pretty much everyday in Rochester, NY. Man I miss those El-Nino and global warming.

Anyway....when I insert my key to the driver's side door, nothing happens. There is some movement on the door lock knobs on the window but it doesn't go up.

When I go to the passenger side lock and unlock the doors, everything works as normal, even for the driver's side.

Once inside, when I push down on the door lock knob, only the driver's side knob goes down but I can still open the door regardless of if the knob is up or down.

If someone sitting in the passenger side position pulls up the knob or pushs it down all the door knobs go up and down also.

Anyone got ideas on whats going on here? The only thing I remember doing was adding some de-icer fluid 2 days prior.

Also last night (car sat outside for 24hrs) when I started the car it didn't start the first time but started the second time. Let the car sit for 24 hrs and but this time no problems. The battery is only 2 months old.


94 E320
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