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PTSS Report

I now have five owners including myself with this same problem. The list went to the service manager at my dealer by email yesterday. He will file a PTSS Report with MBNA. Whether it will do any good is another question but at least I'll have the satisfaction of being dissed at a higher level.

1995 E300D owners with cracked/leaking monovalves
  • 'Connerm' WDBEB31E6SC0828XX (Virginia) Monovalve replaced in 2008 and has not failed. "It was not cheap."
  • Jane WDBEB31E4SC1396XX (California) Monovalve is cracked but not yet leaking.
  • Chris WDBEB31E6SC1519XX (Ohio) Monovalve replaced twice; one replacement was purchased during a vacation trip to Germany. Owner eventually repaired the leak with glue.
  • 'Zulfiqar' WDBEB31E6SC1899XX (Texas) This monovalve actually broke off at the point where others have had only a leak. The owner performed a glue repair and the monovalve is working although it still leaks a small amount.
  • Jeremy WDBEB31E1SC2227XX (California) Monovalve replaced three times (twice by owner using new parts from The Classic Center in Irvine, Cal. and once by my local dealer), all unsuccessful. The original part was subsequently successfully repaired with a "radiator repair kit" purchased (US$20) from a local auto parts store and installed on the vehicle (July 2013). As of this date (November 2013) the repair is holding (no leaks).[/FONT]


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