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I appreciate all the input. I had hoped to look at it today but we have 40 mph wind gusts and intermittent rain so I'm not too keen on even opening the hood.

I don't think that having two courtesy lights on for ~6 hours should have drained a fresh battery to that extent. During the summer with the old battery installed I would be surprised if I didn't do exactly the same thing on several occasions.

The alternator was put in five weeks ago and there was no hint of any issue until now. I mention this as we have had some pretty lousy weather for the time of year, during that time, and there have been many days when I was driving relatively short trips with all the accessories on: headlights, wipers, blower working hard, rear defroster operating.

Had the alternator not been charging properly, I think it would have showed up then, even if only the starter turning more slowly -- and we have had very cold mornings as well.

I am going to follow up on all the suggestions, though it may now be a few days before I can do anything. For the moment I will be driving with the booster pack in the trunk.


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