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Originally Posted by Marshall Welch View Post
Interestingly, the Factory Service Manual (FSM) (20-010) specifies a tightening torque for the radiator drain plug for models 123, and 126 as 1.5-2 Nm, and "This torque can be set by means of a washer or coin."
Been under the weather for a week now and going stir crazy We have also had 90km/hr winds howling by our house along with heavy rain at times.

Wife went out, so despite her instructions to forget about the car until I am better, I went out and finished job (car is in garage)

I had front of car jacked up and temperature switch out of tstat housing. Just filled through overflow tank until a/f gurgled out of switch socket. Screwed temp switch back in. Ran engine for a while. No leaks, no belt noise!
Took car for short drive to get fully up to temperature with heater blasting. Heater worked well, no change in coolant level and no leaks.

Summary: This job started out as - find the mystery noise. That turned out to be alt belt slipping. Changed belts. Noise gone. BUT, noticed AF dripping on belt from tstat housing. Drained rad and changed tstat and seal, but found pitting in casting. JBweld fixed that. Re-installed rad plug, but broke it Bought a couple of spares and finished job today!

Back indoors trying to shake off flu.

PS: I have the FSM but don't have a torque wrench that can measure 1.5-2 Nm!
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