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Originally Posted by airfoill View Post
When putting in MMO do you configure that cylinder at TDC or at BDC or does it matter?
When I did it on My Volvo Diesel I did not orient the Pistons in any special place. However, the Pistons that were at the top did not get as much MM Oil as the others did as I used the Glow Plug holes to get the MM Oil inside.
So I rotated the Engine a week later and did it again.

If you did the Piston down near Bottom Dead Center there might be a small advantage in that bore is tighter down there and the Oil would not leak by as fast. You could also put more Oil in; all though I don't think that as a good idea as it is going to leak by.
I think it is better to put in 1/4 Cup-1/12 Cup per cylinder (I used 1/4 cup per cylinder but just remembered that My Volvo is a 6 Cylinder and the Cylinder diameter is smaller and also the Pistons are flatter on top so there is less places for the Oil to pool in on top of the Piston.) and let that set and repeat that later as the Oil is going to leak down. Only the Oil that stays in the ring and groove area is going to have a chance to eat on any Carbon.

I suggest looking up some diys on the soaking.
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