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Originally Posted by airfoill View Post
No. There wasn't any lower end knocking.

Just to be sure I am clear. To my knowledge we have never had a case on this site with a 616. Any additional rod bearing clearance drops compression though.

It would take those rod bearings being in an overlap situation. This would jam up an engine . To drop off compression to a hundred pounds. Or horribly worn down well into the bearing material backing.

Actually we do have regular cases of diminished compression with the 3.5 litre diesel blocks. The rods bend a little and the compression becomes so low that cylinder will not fire. Generally speaking rods on the 616 are not plagued with this issue. A much more rugged engine from a time quality was dealt with properly.

I suspect you will probably find a piston/ wall issue really. Or perhaps broken rings. I also hear the pain of sending out the head.

For future reference. I set the head upside down and introduce a little thin fluid to see how the valves are seating. Before taking a head to a machine shop and after it comes back.

Since I have limited ability I also introduce air pressure to any suspect cylinder to find out where it is going. Unfortunatly I have little time to work on mechanical systems now. I can only hope some time gets freed up as I enjoy it when I do.

The 616 is no rocket ship but I truly like the two I have. If only a couple or even just one five speed manual transmission could be obtained for them would make my day.
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