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[QUOTE]Originally posted by woodroofguy !
I think you'll find that the tranny will be near the end of its life unless its been gone through already. Depends how it has been driven and serviced. I suggest getting it checked closely.

Thanks to all for the helpful replies. The part woodroofguy does worry me however. I would hate to buy the car and have the transmission go out. I would have thought they would go at least 200K if well maintained. I am supposed to go look at the car Wednesday. I think I will tell the saleslady I must have it checked first. The closest shop that specializes in Mercedes that I know of, is the next city to the west, which is about 20 miles away. If she says the seller will not agree for me to drive the car to have it checked, I will pass on it. Then, if everything checks out OK, I may make an offer, rather than paying the $4800 asking price. Maybe I can get lucky and offer $3500 and the seller will accept. The car really looks nice and it may even be worth the $4800. Seems like the prices vary quite a bit on these cars. About the timing chain- someone here said they had to change theirs at 125K. Do you recall how much this repair was? If it is not changed and the chain breaks, does it ruin the engine, or are these non-interference engines? Thanks again to all for the information.
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