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Originally Posted by lorainfurniture View Post
Thats a real bummer. Just curious; Where did you spend the 2k on?

Don't feel too bad, my brother just junked his Audi that he spent about 8k fixing. He got $300. It happens to everybody. It takes guts to admit it.
The 2K was for a whole range of repairs (EGR valve, flex disks, brake pads, etc) as well as a new set of tires which it turns out were a little too extravagant. Bought those at the beginning when it seemed the car would last a few years. Should have gotten a cheaper set.

Yes, it's tough to walk away. I don't have a problem admitting I did something dumb it's just that I kept sinking money in when I should have given up so it's now become something that will affect the finances for quite a while. Ah well, it happens.
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