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Dan Rotigel
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long break

I had the dreaded tensioner update done, and let this thread slip my mind. Apologies all around. First, if you have a 190-16v you'd like to keep, get the damn update! No joke, i dodged a huge bullet! You should most likely get the tensioner and the gears replaced replaced as well...mine were badly worn.

Now then. I installed the parts, i.e. the two parts of the upper linkage and the throttle-switch. There still seems to be too much play in the throttle linkage! Perhaps the problem is further down, i'm not sure. As to the surging, it is alot better as the new switch doesn't stick, but I would say that it isn't fixed! After looking at the problem, I am still not convinced it, the surging, is anything more than a faultyswitch/wiring or throttle linkage adjustment. I am going to leave for a year or so to go out west two days from now, I'll post if I track down the problem!

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