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I own a 95 C280 and it has orginal tint on the rear window and rear quarters and the rear windshield. It is possible to remove the tint on the rear windshield w/o pulling off the defroster lines. The reason I want to remove the tint is that its baked into the rear windshield and looks funny from the outside, also there is no tint on the front windows so the car looks awkward and I just wanted to get all the tint off - I am going for the more sport look with clear glass. Last time I removed the tint from the front myself, it left a lot of residue ; I used fine steel wool to remove it, but if left hairline scratches in the glass. Is this job a DIYer or should a professional do it - especially the rear window. Basically I want the car to look nice after the tint is removed. Thanks

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