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Hi Gilly,
Thank you for your fast respond. You are right as ever. Everything you said in your post makes sense to me, but convincing my dealer, Fletcher Jones, that these two services, Brake Flushes with B servives at about 2 and 4 years, Coolant Flush with second A service at about 3 years are covered under regular scheduled maintenance during the 4 years and 50 K miles warranty, was not easy. Fletcher Jones service rep said only items in FSS section are covered, Coolant and Brake Flushes are in other recommended scheduled maintenance section, that are based on TIME, are not covered by MBUSA. I agree that they want to get paid for their services either by MBUSA or car owner. I will print your post and show them when I bring my wife 2000 E430 in next month for second A service, that these two services are covered under Maintenance Commitment plan, and MBUSA should pay for it and they should talk to their District Rep about this matter. I agreed that some wear items such as Brake Pads, Brake Disc, Tires, Headlight Bulbs ... are not covered under regular scheduled maintenance, and I paid for 2 Brake Pads at 10K and 22K and 4tires at 14K miles. The cost for these services, two Brake Flushes and one Coolant Flush in 4 years are not much, about $300 or less, but the feeling of being ripp-off is really bother me.

Again, thank you for your help and have a nice day.
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