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Tks for yr thoughts.

The switch is an open/close affair which sends the signal to the ECU, for what, i have no idea...

But the Haynes manual calls it an idle switch...hmmm...

Anyway, Babybenz hasn't stalled in 2 days and coincidentally, it hasn't rained for the same number of days (it is now raining a lot down here).

If it is an indication of moisture in the Fuel Pump Relay, i'll be damned!!! Coz I changed my OVP and FPR abt 2 months ago!!!

Furthermore, i think it is the newer one which is sealed so i doubt if this is the problem, but i'm also not 100% sure...should check it...

I am definitely going to throw the switch for good measure as it looks pretty beat-up anyway.

Anyone knows what the decel or so-called "idle" switch does, and what happens if it conks out?


Babybenz 190e 1.8
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