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I can tell you from installing hundreds of them that the Nippondenso compressor is the worse candidate going for using a rebuilt. The problem is that they have teflon coated pistons and nobody is replacing the teflon in the rebuilding process. Maybe Behr and MB do and these are the only rebuilts that we use currently. Mostly we buy them from MB and MB uses rebuilts for that application. I'm not sure new is even available anymore, it will be special order if it is at most dealers.

It would make a bunch of difference to me if I were sold anything but a MB rebuilt. MB rebuilts are only about $450 list from a dealer so I'm not sure what you got. If you got a new compressor with clutch for 754 thats probably a good deal even if more than MB price for rebuilt.

BTW the MB rebuilt doesn't have a clutch so if yours was damaged the MB rebuilt will also have to add a clutch. Still should be less than 700.
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