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how long is a trans fluid dipstick for a 1998 e320?

Title sums it up. I finally got around to attempting to measure the trans fluid level in my 1998 e320. It won't shift out of 1st, so I checked the TCM. It was full of oil. I cleaned it, cleaned the wiring around it and replaced the seal on the trans. But same issue, stuck in first and clunk when going into reverse (reverse starts out in second is the clunk I think).

Well anyway, I bought a TCM on eBay, put it in and same thing. I looked at the shifter mechanism, then took it apart- WRONG (I think) but same problems with the car after I put it back together.

So I bought a shifter assembly on eBay. I just got done installing it and thought, that now would be a good time to check the trans fluid level.

I pull out the springy type dipstick, thinking, this is pretty darn long. I put it in to measure the fluid level, and it got stuck with 8-10 inches still outside the dip tube and I can't push it in any further. I pull it out, it got oil going up to the springy part, way past the plastic fill line, AND I had that 8-10 inches to push it in.

So I measure it. It's 124 centimeters long (4 feet long for those unfamilar with centimeters)

Now I'm confused,,,
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