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no not yet. I haven't let the trans warm up, and I thinking that's a good thing, as I removed at least 1 quart of trans fluid, and I'm still above the 25C.
The shop temp is maybe 40 degrees and that's pushing it.

I bought the car in the fall, amd Winter set in before I could finish, so I brought her into my shop while looking for the TCM and Shifter.

It's been cold, so I hadn't worked on the car, until today. (Got the shifter in today, so that was reason to brave the cold shop and tinker a little.)

The trans fluid is still above the 25C mark, but I want to se if the car will shift. No way the transfluid is going to get hot enough to expand past the 80C mark in the 1/8 of a mile I'll test drive.

Before she never shifted. Now I got to go,,, will report shifting when I return.
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