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Okay, how did you clean your TCM. I assume you removed the case of the TCM like on post five of the following post?:

My attempt at replacing the transmission plug. - Mercedes-Benz Forum

Yes, the dipstick does not go in all the way, and it is not even remotely close of going all in... You will feel the stop and that is the end...

Keep your old TCM. The versions of software in the TCMs had a lot of changes, and the early(pre 99) had many changes. Some will not work on certain transmissions...

To clean the TCM takes a handful of hours to do the job right... One has to use contact cleaner, and soak the board. Blot dry(do not let it evaporate dry-One wants to wick-up as much oil on the paper towel). Repeat it about a six to ten times. Then allow to dry about four hours or overnight...

Your fluid and filter needs to be no more than a handful of years old. The level must be proper. You can be in limp mode, or a valve in the valve body is stuck for several reasons. Dead solenoid, or bad shifter.

Here are some literature that may help:

Also, before you go crazy replacing parts have your codes read from the circular connector in the fuse box, but on a catastrophic problem. You can get a OBDII code in the 700's...from the port under the steering wheel..

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