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I think the problem with "Free Schedule Maintenance" for 2000 and newer cars is MBUSA does not very clear about Brake Flush and Coolant Change are free of charge to the owner and should only performed with either A or B service. Fletcher Jones and other MB dealers want to get paid for their works, warranty or not. If they think MBUSA does not pay for these two services then they demands we pay for it.

I do NOT think FJ would double charge, car owners and MBUSA, for the same work, specially for such small amount. I had different service writer each time I brought the car in for service. I will try to talk to service manager next time when I bring my wife car in for second A service in about 2 months. I will show him Gilly's comments to see how it will be. I had Gilly's opinion about these services and showed it to service writer on April 2001 when I had the car in for B service, but he said "No, MBUSA only pay for items specified in FSS A and B services. Brake Flush and Coolant Change are not part of A and B services, therefore not covered by MBUSA". I did not press further because I felt "cheap" to fight for such small change. But I will press harder the next time because I do not want to be cheated.

When I bought the car in April 2000, I thought that if we drive 12,000 miles a year, we will have 2 brake flushes and 1 coolant change within 4 years and 50,000 warranty paid for by MBUSA. Actually, the car is priced to includes these cost and we pay for it when we bought the car. The problem of who pays for these two services is clearly with MBUSA, that is my opinion.

I am thinking about buying Motive power bleeder and ATE super blue to flush the brake one a year myself.
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