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I had to replace the brake pads on my ML at 10K miles. They had started to squeak and FJ told me the pads were gone. I said to them that based on my driving habit and how the truck was used that there must be some malfunction for my pads to be 80% gone!

Since these are not warranty items but the vehicle was under 2yrs old and only 10K, they did a good will for me 75/25. When I came in to get my truck, I expected a nominal charge $50-75. After all this was pads only with R&R, no rotors no fluid(I'll check on that). My bill was $196, when I questioned them on this being an accurate 25% charge, they said yes. That means they would charge $695 for a brake pad replacement, wow! Was that some double dipping or just pricey service?

I could tell you about an electrical problem that they believed was my battery. I saw MBUSA billed three times for a new battery and I'm certain that one time, they left my old one in. Who am I to question what they can get away with....

Check Larry Bible's website, he has an interesting option for you for doing your brake fluid....sounds like the DIY route might be best but both fluids in question are toxic so be careful.
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