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Attn Tools: Lincoln Vs Miller (MIG/TIG welders)

I have a lincoln square wave tig 250 machine. I got it because I wanted to be able to do metal, aluminum, stainless, etc. I heard Lincoln was better for TIG so I went with that, but from what I hear today from a Miller Rep is that, miller came up with square wave and lincoln enfringed on their patent. I suppose its like mercedes vs bmw.

I really like the Lincoln TIG welder, so I was thinking of getting a lincoln mig welder to match. However I welded at a local shop with the miller 210 mig welder and the miller rep (there to do demos today) told me that for what I want to do the 251 is a better machine because I want to mig up to half inch materials.

The Miller Rep had the dynasty 200 tig welder to demo, it is compact and it is so awesome, I welded some aluminum today with ease, and it was fast because the machine is actually an inverter running at 60kHZ, not 60hz like my lincoln machine, so it can be on whatever part of the wave you want.

Anyway, does anyone have some first hand advise compairing the Miller 210 or 251 against a compairable lincoln mig welder?

Thanks a bunch.
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