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erratic gauges, inoperable windows 190e 2.3

thought I would add this to the search database, maybe will help somebody.

I have a 88 190e 2.3...the rpm gauge and outside air temperature gauge would function now and then but most of the time they were dead, found out that the reason was bad contacts.. I also had both of my rear windows functioning only part of the time. I replaced swithes but that did not help. I found out that where the wires go into the door at the hinge, that part gets worn out and causes the wires to crack and sometimes break even if the outer plastic sleeve looks fine. Also I had an inoperable passenger side mirror that would not adjust from the console control. Found out that the mirror had come off the tracks indide the enclosure.

Maybe this stuff will help somebody locate thier problem. Love this site, it has helped me tons.

1996 E320
2000 C230 Kompressor
1988 190e 2.3 - 225K miles, owned for 7 years. I cannot say enough good things about this car. Very well built, even at 225 it ran like new.
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