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Cancer is a beeyotch...

It really is.

A few may recall that my uncle that was was previously diagnosed with stomach cancer had something like 90% of his stomach removed, then underwent chemo. Things were looking good after treatment, and he was back to normal - back at work, eating normally, and spending time with his family (though not with his wife, they had become distant).

Fast forward to ~3 weeks ago, and he was having abdominal pains again, and not able to eat... Went to see the doctor, and the cancer had come back - but this time with full force. It had spread to his other organs, and well... Not good. There's not much the doctors can do now, other than make him comfortable.

At the same time, my fathers sister (his only living sibling) was diagnosed with cancer ~a month ago. She refused to tell our part of the family (basically my parents and my 2 sisters out in California) until about a week ago. She was having coughing fits, which she told my father was caused by the meds she was on. Her daughter called my father ~a week ago and broke the news. Cancer. More f'in cancer.

She sat down and called my father a few days ago and spoke to him about it. Not good, she did 1 round of normal chemo, then 2 round of heavier chemo. No dice, it's spread, and she's getting tumors all over. Two on the face, one behind the ear, then many internal. Doctors are saying she doesn't have much time left (saying maybe 2 months).

To top it all off - docs thinking my mother may be in the early stages of leukemia. She's been having abnormally high spikes in her white blood cell counts, and has been going back and forth to the doc for tests. She hasn't been sharing much with my family (only because of all the other stuff going on), so she won't share much info other than the little about the doctors prognosis and what tests she is going in to have done.


Anyways, to summarize. Cancer is a *****. Royal *****. Never have we been hit so hard at one time by medical problems. Thinking of going to church to pray that we make it through this, even though I'm not particularly fond of the church.


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