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i too have a canine assistant by the name of peanut. short, fat and skilled in many disciplines, however her real skills lye in bottom end or lower chassis work. she's a dachshund and a runt to boot . so one can see how she would accel in the field she specializes.

on the rep of dealers i have rule of thumb.

1. i can not go to a dealer and spend less than 250$

2. if i object to any of the services they say i need they will only boost whatever i am having done to 250$

3. if i succeed in not spending 250$ the difference will only be rolled over to my next visit and will be tacked on to that bill.

4. if i stay with my vehicle waiting to pick it up there will be a surcharge of an additional 150$ for breathing their air and drinking the 2 week old coffee and reading their 4 year old magazines.

5. if i leave the car but later call in to see if it's done they will only add the 150$ surcharge.

6. if i protest regarding the cost of replacing my cigarette lighter or other non lethal item they will only punish me by not fixing what ever it was that needed to be fixed so that i will have to make another trip into their shop.

so this is what i have come to believe. regardless of the needed repair that i most desperately need, i take out my wallet, remove 250$, place it on the ground, pour an accelerant on top of this pile and strike a match. this has proven to be much less taxing on my nerves and my wallet.

have a good day
Thanks Much!

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