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No problem. That's what we are all here for.

More ideas-

-Have you adjusted the valves lately? Critical on any car but especially with diesels to fire off correctly.

-In your owners manual, there should be a section regarding diluting the fuel for flow. I BELIEVE you "cut it" with 10% kerosene, but you should check that.

-Is it still very cold where you are? Putting a blanket over the engine and using heat lamps or something to warm it up will make a difference.

-How old are your glow plugs? Even if they are getting juice doesn't mean they are working like new ones. You can always pull them and take a look at them. Clean if necessary. If you shop around they can be had for not too much money.

-another idea is to get it into a heated (ideally) garage. Sometimes where it can up to above freezing. If it is simply directly to the cold and nothing else, this will work like a charm. Neighbor, friend etc?

-Finally you can use of can of starting ether. I know a lot of people don't like this solution (search the threads) but I had an old '79 240D with below marginal compression and I got it going several times this way. The idea is to spray some up the intact to get some sort of combustion in conjunction with the glow plug dance etc. There is also the direct disadvantage of light-headedness, watch out for the fumes. There is an old story of a truck who had a chunk taken out of the end of his nose- supposedly flooded the engine compartment with so much ether that he feel asleep, head down, as the truck started, into the fan.

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