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I have been waiting for some parts to come in to do some minor detailing. After that jump and the driving I did the battery seemed to work fine. However, as it got colder this week, I could feel that the battery was barely making it on the first start. Cold IS hard on a battery.

ALSO, when I checked the battery visually, I noticed it was a non- MBenz battery. The battery is a GOOD ONE, brand wise, but what concerned me was that the vent hose was laying next to the battery because it cannot be connected to the battery I had in there.

Got a call from the dealer's service shop this afternoon. Load test showed the battery needed replacement. I asked about the vent hose and whether it should be connected. Also asked the price of a Benz battery--$110. So I went ahead and authorized the replacement with a new MB battery.

Is it the case that the vent hose is important to have connected to the battery? Just wondering. If it IS, then you would have to get a battery that supports this special feature.

Good news is the car got clean bill of health and the battery was the culprit. Will pick it up first thing tomorrow AM.

Thanks for all help/input on this.
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