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Urgent help needed with fuel distributor!

I am stuck. Finally bought a used fuel distributor and tried to install. Everything went physically fine with one minor problem. The car won't start now.
Problem: Rough idle.
Diagnosis: I took the car to Steve Brotherton's shop late last year. He indicated I had no/poor flow to cylinder #6.
Possible Solution: Fuel distributor.$$$
Plan: Give the car to my kid and live with the rough idle until I get a used fuel distributor.
I have the CD's and did follow the instructions given. Not many!
I suspect a bad used fuel distributor but, how would I know?
Any suggestions?
I am about to put the old one in and sent the car back to Steve with the "new" used distributor for him to install whenever I have time. However, logistics are bad for that option right now.
'86 300E
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