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I have to differ with you. I believe things like the club are very effective anti-theft devices, not because it will actually prevent your car from being stolen, but because it will deter the vast majority of people from trying. These items are supported by local law enforcement agencies throughout the country for this reason. I've seen the shows where people disable them in a matter of seconds, but as you said, those people will get the cars they want regardless of the device used and they are the extreme minority. Think about deadbolt locks. Have you ever locked yourself out of your house and watched a locksmith open your deadbolt with two picks in 3 seconds? You can get these picks and instructions anywhere, yet most property is protected with deadbolts. They work the same way. I agree that a club-like device would not work on your Ferrari as I said in my original post, however I believe it would be very effective in an older or more average and less desirable vehicle (to thieves!). That said, I, like you, wouldn't use one either. I never lock my jeep doors, console, glove box, etc. as people would just cut in through the back or tear stuff up trying to see why it's locked. Although no Ferrari (which model do you have anyway) the damage would be more frustrating than the loss to me, too.

In my opinion one of the best deterrents, although expensive, is a removable steering wheel. But even then...
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