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That's interesting. I have not had the car for long, in fact I have put less than 3K miles on it. My in town mpg's have always been around 26.5 to 28 and no more than 35 for highway, though I like to keep the go pedal on check to keep the EGR clean
I always thought the power was very good, but now I am starting to wonder if my car is suffering from the same and I just don't know better
I have no hard or soft codes either and the car runs as smooth as butter. I have read at least one member's comments about his car feeling like a "rocketship" and a "wild horse" that could easily slip out of control.
The only two cars I ever drove that gave me that particular feeling was a V10 Dodge Viper and a Porsche 911 turbo, and my CDI, although a very peppy car, doesn't even come close to that.
I hope my low mpg's are more related to my right foot rather than a motor related issue.
I'll be getting the bag of popcorn for this one...
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