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I have several questions from looking at the schematic on the CD form Mercedes. I was hoping that the starter relay was bad but not sure which of the three relays in the fuse box it is. I believe that it is the A/C Starter Relay towards the from of the vehicle. Although the problem I have is with the ignition off the relay seems to be feed by the battery bus not the start run bus. I have not finished investigating the wiring to see if there is an open wire somewhere. I was able to pull the relay out far enough and use a volt meter to determine that the relay is working properly. This also says that starter lockout switch is working fine too. The thing I am puzzled about is the schematic on the CD. It shows three relays but only give information about two. The relay towards the front of the car in the fuse box is called the A/C Starter Relay. The relay towards the back of the car in the fuse box is called the Fuel pump relay. It is the relay in the middle that it does not tell what it is used for. I am trying to make sure I have the right relay without having to do a bunch of wire tracing. Please someone help!!! If you have any suggestions on what could be causing the pull in coil from not getting voltage please let me know. We were able to jump voltage from the starter to the pull in coil and start the car.
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