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I've read before on this forum that the '84-'85 500sel's are money eaters and that it's very costly to have parts replaced on them. Mine is an '84 Euro and I've been contemplating on whether to have the hydropneumatic suspension components replaced. The car seems to ride rough (I can feel every little bump) and sometimes if I hit a dip the front tires will actually contact the fender and cut into the tires a little. As you can imagine, this is very upsetting since the tires cost quite a bit.

I just talked with my local independent MB shop and they quoted me a price of $4,095 for parts and labor. I can get the parts for around $1500. The costs of the parts from them were $3,400. I need to find someone who can do the job for me if I supply the parts.

Even if the shop is in a different state than Michigan, it may still cost me less to drive it there and have it done. Any opinions or ideas?

I'm starting to believe that this car IS a money eater.

Thanks fellas!

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