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W140 Keyless Entry Problems

Unfortunately it has been one thing after another lately with my car...1996 S420.
The latest is the remote keyless entry system quit working. I'm 99% sure that the key is transmitting (and the battery(s) are new), but nobody's home on the receiving end. It won't unlock the doors, no alarm (that I'm aware of), no lights indicating open (green) or locked (red). The alarm does not appear to be arming when I manually lock the car with the key (again, no lights indicating that it is working). However, the doors lock and unlock normally, the trunk works etc when using the key manually.
I understand that there's a relay that may be a problem...has anyone had experience with this type of problem? I know the MB technicians on this site must have seen something like this...
By the way, I checked the fuse and it's O.K.
Thanks in advance for your help.
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