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Brake Pads&Rotors-ATE vs ATE PowerDisc vs Balo.......

Regarding my 1980 450SEL. Family car.

When it comes to brake pads and rotors I've never worried too much about whether it is ATE, Balo etc for the rotors and I'm fond of PBR brake pads. I just recently switched over to "Metal Master". I really like the increase in braking efficiency, but these are much dirtier than the regular PBR.

I've seen a variaty of opinions doing a search but the vast majority of the cars are much newer than mine.

I'm getting ready to place a FastLane order and would appreciate opinions on preferences and who the OEM was for this car.

-Rotors: Balo vs ATE vs ATE PowerDiscs.
-Pads: Pagid vs Textar vs PBR vs ATE vs Jurid.

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