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All the brands listed are OEM. My mechanic prefers Balo rotors and Textar pads, but I've used Pagid and are happy with them.

Serious scoring or excessive wear on one side of a rotor is often a stuck piston. If this is a low milage car, I'd suspect old, water laden brake fluid has caused the piston to seize.

Did you have any problems pushing the piston back in on that side? If so, get a rebuild kit and replace the rubber parts (seal and dust boot). This is very easy, and will restore the brakes to normal function.

If there is any corrosion or dirt you cannot remove with brake parts cleaner in the caliper bores or on the pistons, replace the caliper.

I'd also replace the brake fluid if you don't know how old it is, or if it is dark, no matter what age.

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