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Kodiac, it's not clear to me how you are testing, but if you only hooked up one wire, the clutch won't work. One side goes to ground, and the other side to 12V. A quicker check would be to locate the fan temperature switch, which probably has only one connection. The switch connects this connection to ground, and you can test it by connecting this to ground while the engine is running.
I took the lead on my clutch and hooked it up to 12V while the other remained bolted to ground on the engine (checked to make sure contact was good). Started the car, and nothing...the fan still free-wheels. I am thinking that either wires may have become open circuit due to the short (the wires looked burnt).

If I could renew the wires directly from the clutch (is it a connector on the clutch coz it's hard to get at), I could be sure if the clutch is gone...

Any thoughts anyone?

Babybenz 1991 190e 1.8
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