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Harsh downshift at slow speeds accelerating

300E 87'
I have experienced this for about 3 years, sometimes more than at other times. I saw an article in my Alldata CD for my car which offers some hope. My car does this exact symtoms as the complaint (BELOW) except 3-2 and 4-2 downshifts are the jerky ones.

The complaint: , quoting
"Harsh 3-1 or 2-1 dowhshift when driving slowly at 12-15mph, and abrupt 80% + throttle application."

The Remedy:
"According to ALLDATA is to install a modified Plate-type check valve with throttle (13 in the illustration) , P/N 124 270 02 89, install into shift valve housing of valve body. (the modified/improved plate valve is red in color.)"

Does anyone know if this is a DIY thing? Does the valve body have to come off? If so is it going to be more complicated to remove and install than I want to (first time) tackle?? Are gaskets required if the valve body has to come off?

I'm hoping someone has tried this since it was listed in the ALLDATA. tech bulletins

Another bulletins said that the "bands" had to be adjusted after high mileage and wear made too much clearance. But this requires some special tools and looked really complicated. ??

Any help or info is appreciated.

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