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Rafael Tomas
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I know this question may not appeal to all, but I would appreciate your inputs. I have a 1969 w114 that has just gotten out of tin smith repairs. Im now on to the paint but have not, for the last 4 months, decided on what color!! the car has dark red MB tex interior and is presently very light pastel gray which looks great but a bit dated. I'm considering the silver metallic from the newer MBs but was told by friends that I would lose the car's vintage appeal. Yestedrday, a bone colored 115 passed me by and I'm even more confused?!

So what would you paint a 115 with dark red interior? Light pastel gray non metallic? Very bright silver metalic from the new e-class? Or, a hue of white, bordering on bone. If you can send me pics and or tell me why you chose which, id be very greatful. Thanks
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