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I apologize for the confusion...

At 38,000km, only the alternator was replaced. My original set of brake pads that came with my car new were replaced at 25,000km. This week, at 45,400km (when I went in for my 48,000km scheduled maintenance service), I was told that I had 15% left on my front brake pads, which are still waiting to be replaced. So I am guessin' that I am using brake pads at a rate of 25,000km/set.

I have been looking at the FastLane and posts on this seems a set of Balo front discs and PBR Metal Master pads will provide me with at least the same braking performance as my OE front brakes. I am goin' to order the Balo's, PBR's, pad sensors, and pad paste, and find a reliable independent shop to change them. I hope other than for labour, they won't charge me for any "other" stuff...
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