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I pulled out the climate control buttons and removed the circuit board. Now, get this as I pulled the radio out I thought I would check the to see if the fan started to work so I turned on the key. Sure enough it did. So I continued to pull out the the acc control unit. Then I turned the key on again just before I unplugged it. And then it didn't work. So I unplugged it and put it on the bench and started to take the board out. I noticed a hot spot by left bottom corner on the circuit board. It was a diode. I checked it and it was still good. So I resoldered the connections and reassembled it. It still doesn't work but I did for a second. Boggles me. I did also resolder the on and off buttons but they looked good to me.

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Nope you can push any button and the thing stays in slow fan and heat is on. A|C does not work either. Recirc, does not work either.

I think I need a new push button control unit.... If I was working around it and it started to work. Something must be funny in there.
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