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I have a '98 I bought used 6 months ago, I drive 2.5 miles to work and back, the worse milage driving you could ever do, I haven't had a chance to take it on the highway yet, but my overall 16 tank average is 22.5 MPG. I'll be driving from Dallas, TX to Pensicola, FL for 4th of July, 75MPH average, we'll see what kind of highway milage I get then and I'll post back to a number of places. I suspect an average 34MPG.

Hey, Ockman, send me your email address, so I can send you a join up email on my email list for 98/99 e300DT owners. Thanks, Jay Quinn

Originally posted by Ockman:
I have a '99 E300 with 18K miles and I get 33-35 MPG driving at 75 MPH on road trips and about 30 MPG in town. I live in Florida, so the A/C is on most of the time.
Great engine, the only time you know it's a diesel is when you fuel up!!

The '98 ML320 gets 21 MPG on road trips and 19 in town. (About 16 MPG towing a 21 ft boat.) It's not a diesel, but I wish it were!!

My '83 300D gets 25 MPG on trips running at 70-75 with the A/C on and 23 in town. It's a diesel and you know it all the time!!

99 E300
98 ML320
83 300D

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