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fire damage sc 600

looking hard I see both throttle actuators @ $2500 each, main harness ($1,800 , NOT 400), top engine harness @ $1300, knock sensors and harness $900, complete wiper assembly $1500,
, or nearly $10K in parts alone without looking real hard. Figure at least $2,000 for misc plastic and metal stuff, not including hood.

So parts only, no labor cost is really likely to be more than $12K. One can buy an undamaged one for under $30K. Doesn't seem like a 'project' to me more like the 'money pit.'

Tis a shame, but real is real ---them wiring harness and stuff integral with them gets real pricey fast.

Of course, one COULD just splice everything up around the burned up sections possibly, but future fire/failure risk? No insurance company would touch it. After market warranty forgt it no way.
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