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Question Mystery Electrical Problem URGENT

Here is a story, if anyone recognises this and knows what may cause it I would love to hear from you.

300e 2.6 1990, 135K

starts first time everytime used everyday.

Saturday am daughter calls me from car on her way to work. tells me that radio sounds funny. gets to work OK. 16 degrees F outside. At 8pm she leaves work, calls me again tells me the radio and the heater acting up. Pulls into driveway, car dies and will not restart.. Lots of clicking no turning.

It sounded like a battery problem. I put it on charge (took 10 amps for about 5 hours before it started to drop.)

The car turns over like a champ but does not fire, instinct says fuel starvation. Check here and ID overvoltage relay as probable cause.

Call shop, have the car towed in. OV relay replaced battery again charged (?). Pick up car drive home ( 6Miles ) Car dies in driveway. (no its not the driveway). Called shop, tech says battery potentially the problem (PEP BOYS 12 months old)

I took the Battery off went to Pep Boys ready to raise hell. They test the battery (50 Minute deep cycle multi stage load testing) battery is good.

I go home put battery on, car starts.

Tell daughter to drive back down to shop as heater fans /compressor not running ( I checked here, sounded like another relay (Klima equivelant).

Shop calls 2 days later car fixed. Daughter picks up car drives less than 2 miles heater going on and off, wipers very slow, calls me in panic. I tell her to turn around go back , she pulls into Dunkin Donuts (no cops around) car dies. I call shop they dispatch tow truck.

Now my experience is out of date, but if this was a mini or a cortina or a capri I would say we had a massive current drain which was sinking the voltage below working levels and I would then start sniffing around earth (ground) connections to the body.

Whatever it is seems to road test fine and then after a while dies.

If anyone has any thing that may help PLEASE reply. I may have to put the tech out of his misery (kidding).

By the way I am now $730 in the hole and smell lawyers and its still freezing here on the east coast.

1990 124, 300E 2.6 (daughter)
2004 Cayenne S, Fabspeed Cat Bypass, BMC Racing Filter
2000 Lexus RX 300 (Wife)
Retired 1999 ML430
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