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Poetential W123 300TD Wagon

Hello everyone!! Today I found a nice 300TD (forgot the year) Wagon in Minneapolis burried under the snow at a used car lot. I have never owned a W123 or a Diesel benz and would be very excited to own one. We tried starting it and it turns over but no start. We pushed it into the heated garage and I'll be there tomorrow morning to try again. We thought that the fuel might be frozen (or any of the fuel lines) since the temperatures were below 0F (-20C) for the past few weeks. Is there an additive for Diesel engines which prevents the fuel from freezing? Anyway, the car seemed to sit quite low and since the car was completely stock I don't think that someone actually lowered the car. Does it have air suspension which operates only when the car is running and it drops lower when the engine is turned off? Also, I could not locate the Turbo charger. Is it located below the air filter? What was the first production year when Mercedes used a Turbo on their wagons in US Market?

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!!
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