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I lubricated the cable, but it happened again this morning when I drive to work.

Today is -26 Celsius, even colder. It happened 5 minutes after I got on the highway. To slow down I used so much brake that at last that brake overheated and I was barely able to stop the car. I immediately opened the hood and checked the throttle cable, the cable was not stuck. As yesterday, I let it sit for 3 minutes, the problem went away. I then decided to take today off, on my way home, it didn't happen again.

To me, it's definitely temperature related, during the first 5 minutes after driving at highway speed, the temperature in the engine bay is the coldest. After I stop the car and wait for several minutes, the temperature raises and problem is gone.

If the cable from the throttle to the pedal is not stuck, could it be the throttle linkage itself or throttle actuator is stuck? I hope it's not the expensive throttle actuator, any idea?
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