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The saga continues.

The previous week, the shop towed it in and it ran perfect for them. The manager even drove it home and back (2 hrs.) and couldn't get it to screw up at all. PFM. The usual happened. Drove fine on Mon., Tues., and Wed. Thursday morning, same crap only I drove it all the way to work because I got tired of the car making me late. I drove the car for lunch and it did just fine. Wife had surgery yesterday so I didn't drive it. Tried to go to the pharmacy today and it wouldn't start after many revolutions of the starter.

When this all started months ago, I actually thought about changing the injectors but as I said earlier, my situation changed and I have nowhere to work on the car so I took it to the shop. I am actually over an hour away from MB Autowerks, but I've spent $1500 on the problem already with the current shop and I want them to make it right. I'll try again tomorrow and see if it will fire. Thanks to everyone.
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