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What I did...

I should think they would tear out and replace the whole assembly.

My mechanic discovered a crack on of the eyes on my 380 sl, he said go to the dealer and tell them to fix it under the recall. I took it to RBM of Atlanta, they put it up and showed me a crack in the frame (funny thing is, not the same crack we had found earlier-so now we have two).

Service guy started tap dancing about parts and labor and $1700 and I countered with "This is my wifes car and I'd hate for her to be driving one of my kids to soccer practice and have the front end give way at 60mph." Followed by "One of my best friends is the nastiest attorney in the SE."

Voila, Freebe. Not much of an argument, I think they would have done it for NC anyway, just wanted to see if I was serious about it.

Moral: Yours might be covered no problem, but if not, don't take no for an answer.

While you are at it, good time to have them change out the subframe mounts.

J. Boggs
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