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This was in todays Atanta Journal Constitution:

COBB COUNTY: Vehicle slips off jack stands, kills owner

An Austell man working under his van died Thursday night after the van
slipped off the jack stands, according to police. The accident happened
at 10:54 p.m. in the driveway of at 984 Peel Castle Lane, Cobb police
said. Police identified the man as Darrell Young, 34.

I frequently preach about safety when doing auto work and thought it might be helpful to post an actual article. One can only speculate what went wrong, but remember, if safety is practiced, this can be avoided. Use good equipment, have a floor jack handy with a person who knows how to use it, have a phone there, and make sure you are on solid level pavement with the wheels chocked. When using leverage to unseize stuck axle nuts, etc, that could actually shiuft the car, don't be underneath! If you are smart enough to figure out mechanical problems, you are smart enough to figure out safety problems! Think before you act!

Work Safely!

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