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Thanks Frankyz!!!!!!!!!!! you just saved me a Sheeeetload of time and trouble!!!

I was just about to buy new electric window motors!!!!

I had already checked the switches and figured it just had to be a relay or the motors.... sure enough it was just a fuse!
Also noticed the "auxilary fan" fuse was blown too!

Mercedes... engineers crack me up... those fuses are such crap.... plus beware!! YOu should be sure to remove any old fuse metal pieces that fall off the old fuses.... those pieces like to hide down in there... and I can only imagine the electric arcs that would occur as a result of those pieces floating around in the fuse box! In my opinion ... they should have used a different type of fuse. Their such "kidders".... guess they don't want to make it simple to find replacements on the road!

Anyway thanks a ton!
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